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Leslie Klinger discusses the case on CNN
Authors’ Alliance
Tangent to the Circle C: “Please Complete Me”
Tangent to the Circle C: “A Holmes for the World”

Tangent to the Circle C: “Get Sherlock”

Tangent to the Circle C: “The Soul of Sherlock Holmes”
Hollywood Reporter

The Independent
Hollywood Reporter
Baker Street Babes
Thomson Reuters blog
New York Times
Publisher’s Weekly podcast
Rick Kleffel’s Agony Column — click here for the podcast and here for the MP3 file
The Economist
Publisher’s Weekly
Barefoot on Baker Street
Hollywood Reporter

Texas Lawyer (requires subscription)
Boing Boing

The New York Times Arts Beat blog
Baker Street Blog

2 thoughts on “Opinions

  1. My brother, Les Klinger, is not only a wonderful writer, but a person of great integrity who seeks to work within the boundaries of the law yet willing to challenge those that are wrong for the majority. He is someone who is working for the right of others to get their work product out for the world to enjoy. He has had a passion for “things Sherlock” for many years and finds great joy in bringing others into the fold of the “Sherlockian Mantle”. His goal is not monetary gain, but artistic freedom. I wish him success in his endeavors to get this unfair restriction removed for all who benefit. – Ruth Cisowski

  2. I applaud this courageous effort to strike a blow against the copyright litigation that has run amok in the U.S. We need to get back to the REAL intent of copyright. As an author, I have suffered from similar legal entanglements. I have been working on a totally new Sherlock Holmes series of stories for years, even as I know I may never be able to publish them. Go Laurie!

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