September 2013: Update

We filed our response today to the ACD Estate’s reply to our Motion for Summary Judgment. The matter is now in the hands of Judge Castillo. We hope to receive a favorable opinion soon!

Exhibit in Support of Response to Defendant’s Statement of Additional Facts 
Reply in Support of Motion for Summary Judgment
Response to Defendant’s Statement of Additional Facts


4 thoughts on “September 2013: Update

  1. Thank you for the updates. The estate arguments don’t seem to merit anything more than dismissal… though I know enough about IP law not to assume anything can be dealt with so sensibly.
    Good luck!

  2. Since the Case Book of Sherlock Holmes contains 12 stories, can you please clarify which are the Ten Stories,(I have not found this clearly defined so far)? If the judge rules in your favor, will the estate still be able to charge a licensing fee for ideas that sprout from something uniquely contained in the Ten Stories but nowhere else in the Canon? Can you confirm that if the judge rules in your favor everything but the foregoing is then public domain and stories can be written based on non-Ten Story features?
    I am new to this and seek better understanding.

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